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Fruitables Transition Supplement by MannaPro is a simple and palatable way to help you switch your dog onto a new feed. Instead of worrying about an upset tummy, trust this transition supplement to add essential fiber to your dog's diet. Made with blended pumpkin, this delicious formula helps to ease the food transition for your dog while making the change worry-free for you. 


  • Easy way to switch your dog onto a new feed
  • Palatable and nutritious pumpkin blend
  • Great source of soluble and insoluble fiber


Replace 30% of your pet's current food with the Fruitables Transition Supplement. Then gradually mix in the new food and old food with the Transition Supplement over 6 days. After your dog is eating the entirely new food, continue using 10% of the Transition Supplement with each feeding to maintain a balanced G.I. tract. 


FarmVet Tip:
The more slowly you transition your dog's food, the better! Take your time when mixing the Fruitables Supplement with new and old food. 


100% Pumpkin

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