FullBucket Foal Kit

1 - 2 qty.$184.97
3+ qty.$166.47

FullBucket Foal Kit contains everything you need to ensure your foal's digestive and immune system gets a proper start. 


1 Tube of Foal Kick Start DAY 1 : Used to boost the immune system of a foal withing the first 24 hours of life.

6 Tubes of Foal Probiotic DAYS 2-7 : Used to promote optimal gut and immune health.

1 Set of Foaling Indicator Strips : Used to help determine how close your mare is to foaling. 

1 Foal Information Cards : Used to record foal information. 

FullBucket is a supplement company with a purpose! For every FullBucket product you buy, FullBucket will donate FullBucket product to a working horse or donkey in need.


1 - 2 qty.$184.97
3+ qty.$166.47
Kick Start: Egg derived immunoglobulins, vitamin E, vitamin D3, cholecalciferal, polysorbate 80, natural peppermint flavor. 

Foal Probiotic: Flax seed oil, l-glutamine, saccharomyces boulardii, mannanoligosaccharides, egg powder (antibodies), aspergillus orzae extract, mixed tocopherols. 
Kick Start (80 cc tube) - 40 cc at birth, 40 cc 6 - 8 hours later

Foal Probiotic (32.5g) 1/2 tube twice daily for 6 days
FarmVet Tip:

This is a great kit to have in any breeding operation! Its easy to use and has the best quality of ingredients on the market. 
Keep out of the reach of children. For animal use only. Store between 34-80 F.

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