Foal Probiotic Paste

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FullBucket Foal Probiotic Paste is a great way to give your foals the best chance at a healthy intestinal tract right from the start. This probiotic paste is made to promote a good gut flora and a strong immune system. 

It contains Egg Immunoglobulins derived from hens that were vaccinated against diseases with harmful pathogens. This supplementation boosts the foal's antibodies against these diseases. FullBucket Foal Probiotic also contains lactase which assists in the breakdown of undigested milk sugars that can be harmful to the foal. The specific probiotics in this paste are the only ones proven effective for use in foals. 


  • Promotes good gut flora
  • Helps create a strong immune system
  • Boosts foal's antibodies against diseases
  • Contains lactase


Newborn Foals: 1/2 tube orally twice daily
Suckling foals: 1 tube orally twice daily
Follow this administration for 6 days. 


FarmVet Tip:
Harmful pathogens can cause diseases such as joint ill and  whole body sepsis. Help protect your foals right form the get go with FullBucket Foal Probiotic!


Keep out of the reach of children. For animal use only. Store between 34-80°F. Refrigeration may extend shelf life. Keep out of the reach of children. For animal use only.


Flax Seed Oil, L-Glutamine, Saccharomyces boulardii, Mannanoligosaccharides, Egg Powder (Antibodies), Aspergillus orzae extract and Mixed Tocopherols.

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