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EquiFit's GelCompression Tendon Boots are uniquely designed to provide cold therapy along with compression, helping reduce your horse's swelling and inflammation. Unlike other similar products that can be bulky and cumbersome, these boots are lightweight, simple to wash, and easy to store. The GelPaks velcro into the outer shell of the boot while the removable hand pump pushes air into the shell for compression therapy. Unlike many other ice boots, the GelPaks remain flexible when frozen to ensure a comfortable fit around the lower leg. GelPaks can also be microwaved to apply heat therapy to the lower leg.


  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • GelPaks velcro to the outer shell
  • Cold/compression therapy can help reduce inflammation and swelling, as well as decrease the risk for injury
  • Outer shell is machine washable
  • GelPaks stay flexible even when frozen
  • Hand pump can be taken off once desired compression is achieved
  • GelPaks can be heated in microwave as well for heat therapy


Place GelPaks in freezer or microwave until they reach desired temperature. Adhere GelPaks to outer shell and secure around the tendon. Use had pump to reach desired compression level and then detach the hose and pump from the boots. 


FarmVet Tip:
Use the tightness of a standing wrap to help you gauge how much compression to add to the boot.


Be sure to monitor you horse while wearing the boots. To prevent injury, do not add too much pressure with the hand pump.

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Awesome Product


These boots are great for a horse recovering from an injury! Especially if you have a horse that doesn't like to stand for treatments or to be iced with actual ice! The compression is a great tool as well! Both my horses appreciate these and my one horse who freaks out for icing and hates standing for treatment is perfect in these boots and I know the ice is touching everywhere it needs too!

Good for horse and human


I reluctantly bought the first pair of compression ice boots and quickly added 3 more pairs. These boots have served so many purposes. After a big jumper class, with a stocked up older horse, pre workout. AND an added bonus they are awesome on tired and sore human feet. A little funny looking but of so helpful after a long day of tromping around the show.