Thick Bottom Bell Boots Herm Sprenger

Herm Sprenger
$44.2 to $46.9 $ 44.2


These thick bottom pull on ribbed bell boots by Herm Sprenger are extra durable and are designed to created the highest level of protection for your horse's hooves. 


Herm Sprenger Bell Boots are high quality and extremely durable. They are made of thick yet flexible rubber and are easy to pull on.  Making sure the you have the right size is very important. Each boot should cover the whole hoof, but shouldn't touch the ground. 

  • Thick bottom
  • High Quailty
  • Pliable rubber
  • Pull on
  • Ribbed
  • Made in Germany


Soak the boots in water and then turn it inside out. This will allow you to pull the boot over your horse's hoof with ease. Once you've got the boot fully on, then you can turn the flipped up edges down to the appropriate position. 

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