Ice-Vibes Hock Wraps

Horseware Ireland


The Ice-Vibe Hock Wraps from Horseware Ireland are comfortable neoprene hock boots with built-in pockets that hold the Ice Vibes massaging panel. Can be used on the inside or the outside of the hock with cold packs on either side of the hock. The cold packs can be heated in warm water to combine heat and massage before exercise to help reduce stiffness. Wireless, rechargeable, and portable. 

Used with cold packs, Ice-Vibe Hock Wraps can minimize inflammation while maintaining blood flow. This can help improve the healing of Ligament Injuries, Sprains, Bruising, Arthritis, and Curbs.


  • 2 Ice-Vibe Hock Wraps
  • 2 cold packs
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 battery charger


After exercise, you can combine cold and massage therapy to help reduce inflammation. The Ice-Vibe Hock is designed to help reduce soreness and swelling in horses' hocks while stimulating healing through massage. Always use cold packs when swelling or heat is present. Avoid using on infections. If used to treat arthritis, warm the packs and combine these with massage before exercise, then use cold packs and massage after exercise daily. Setting 2 is the main daily setting. We recommend treating both legs at the same time even if only one leg is injured.

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