Lepto EQ Innovator

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Protect your horse with Lepto EQ Innovator, the first and only leptospirosis equine vaccine. Lepto EQ Innovator has extended approval for use in pregnant mares, protecting your broodmare through all phases of pregnancy.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that horses can contract through contact with urine from wildlife, cattle and dogs. Standing water and rainfall can pose an increased risk. 


  • Leptospira prevention - Clinical signs of infection are often nonspecific, which can cause disease in horses to be under diagnosed.
  • Safe Immune Response - In safety and efficacy trials, Lepto EQ Innovator was shown to provide safe immune response. An efficacy study demonstrated that horses vaccinated with Lepto EQ Innovator and challenged with L. Pomona showed 0% bacterial shedding in the urine.
  • Safe for Pregnant Mares and Foals - Field-safety testing has demonstrated that Lepto EQ Innovator is safe for use in healthy foals 3 months of age or older and in healthy broodmares.
  • Reaction-Free Vaccine - Lepto EQ Innovator was shown to be 99.8% reaction-free in recent field studies. 


Shake well. Use entire contents when first opened. Contains thimerosal as preservative. In case of anaphylactoid reaction, administer epinephrine.


Administer 1mL intramuscularly. Healthy horses should receive an initial two doses three to four weeks apart. Annual revaccination with single dose is recommended. 


L. pomona, is most often associated with leptospirosis infections in horses. L. pomona can colonize in the kidneys, be shed in the urine and cause horses to become septicemic. The bacteria are then circulated in the blood and can cause uveitis, or moon blindness, as well as late term abortions and kidney failure. Kidney failure, especially in yearlings, can occur with renal infection associated with leptospirosis.


For Veterinary Use Only. Follow instructions carefully. DO NOT FREEZE. Shake well before use. Store away from light at 35-45 degrees. Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.

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