Liquid Titanium Therapeutic Mesh Ear Bonnet


Fenwick Equestrian's Liquid Titanium wearable products incorporate a patent pending technology that allows natural calming through lightweight breathable Therapeutic Liquid Titanium smart fabric. The Ear Bonnet can increase the performance of a horse through calming and focus support.  


Reduces stress and anxiety and can produce a calming effect. 

Induces alpha brain waves and stabilizes serotonin levels which can create a calming effect.

Fits nicely under the bridle and is a breathable, moisture wicking fabric

Same "naturally healing" technical qualities as sheet and mask. 

This "drug-free" breathable, fast wicking, 4-way stretch fabric makes our ear covers very comfortable for your horse while schooling or competing.

Other fabric qualities: 


•    Breathable, moisture absorption & quick drying.

•    4 way stretch allows for a comfortable fit.

•    UVA-UVB blocking properties

•    Machine wash & dry

•    Will not shrink.


Attribute black

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