Lubrisyn HA

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Lubrisyn, Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) from Halstrum is the only patented oral HA for the treatment of joint pain and inflammation in horses. HA is the same glycosaminoglican found in synovial fluid, and the cartilage matrices, which cushion and lubricate articulating joints. Supplemental HA improves soundness and joint function. Daily oral ingestion of HA avoids the peaks and valleys associated with injectable products by maintaining a consistent bio-available serum level. Compared to alternatives, LubriSyn (Sodium Hyaluronate) has the highest molecular weight (2.4 million Daltons) for sustained joint function improvement. 




Equine Daily Dose:
• Maintenance: 1/2 oz. (15 ml.) per 1200 lbs. once daily
• Quantity can be doubled for Initial 7 days or prior to competition

Canine Daily Dose:
Small dog (up to 30lb) - 1 tsp
Medium dog (30-60lb) - 1.5 tsp
Large dog (60-100 lb) - 2 tsp
X-L dog (over 100 lb) - 3 tsp
Amount can be doubled for hard working dogs.

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positive review for lubrisyn


I have had my cutting horse since she was nine and now is 22 yrs. old. She has been on lubrisyn since I got her and she is doing great on it. I really believe in the product