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Vita Flex MSM is an odorless pure form of MSM that is easily absorbed and palatable to horses.

Provides horses with necessary dietary sulfur which helps in the proper conformation of proteins associated with connective tissue, hormones, and antibodies. MSM - Vita-Flex is America's #1 choice for the original ultra pure licensed MSM. Patented & Pure for veterinary use, Vita-Flex Ultra Pure MSM contains 452+ grams of dietary methylsulfonylmethane per pound. MSM is a naturally occurring nutrient that provides bio-available sulfur. Measure included. 


Feed 1 rounded measure (10 grams) twice daily for the first 7 days, and then reduce to 1 rounded measure daily for maintenance. 

1 lb. - 45 days @ 1 scoop/day. 2 lb. - 90 days @ 1 scoop/day. 4 lb. - 180 days @ 1 scoop/day. 10 lb.- 450 days @ 1 scoop/day. 20 lb.- 900 days @ 1 scoop/day.

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