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The MagnaWave Julian is an analog PEMF machine for horses, pets, and a wide range of other animals. The strongest in their lineup, the Julian has 20 intensity settings and an adjustable timer from 1-90 minutes, allowing you to customize every session! Electromagnetic Energy is said to increase mobility, help with recovery and reduce pain and inflammation. It’s also an invigorating but natural way to increase overall health and wellness. Uses range from pre-event relaxation to post-event recovery and will help your horse or other animals feel their best.

The Julian comes ready to use with two attachments; 1 large loop, and 1 butterfly loop.

Additional attachments are available for purchase HERE!

The purchase of any MagnaWave PEMF Machine comes with full access to the MagnaWave academy and MagnaWave certification for 1 person. We strongly recommend completing all training so that you can use this powerful piece of equipment safely and to the best of its abilities.



  • Analog PEMF machine
  • 20 Intensity options
  • Programmable timer
  • 2 attachments included; large loop and butterfly loop
  • 3-year warranty and 7-year additional warranty
  • MagnaWave Certification for 1 person
  • Works at the cellular level
  • Improves mobility, reduces pain and inflammation
  • Natural approach to wellness
  • Can be used on horses and other animals

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