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Plaque Re-lease from Ramard, made from all-natural cranberry extract, is the first clinically proven supplement to prevent dental diseases and drastically reduce plaque build-up. Plaque Re-lease also eliminates bad breath and is a friendlier alternative to abrasive chewable products.

Safe for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes, the Easy Pinch Tablets show visible results within 14 days of use and have no impact on your pet's daily caloric intake. 


  • Safe for Dogs & Cats
  • Made with all-natural cranberry extract
  • Clinically proven to prevent dental diseases
  • Eliminates bad breath and excessive tartar


Blend of (Waxy Rice Starch, Micro Crystalline Cellulose, Di-Basic Calcium Phosphate, Water), Cranberry Extract, Gum Arabic, Pork Liver, Sodium Bicarbonate, Hyaluronic Acid, Chitosan, Magnesium Stearate (as releasing agent)


Serving Size: 1 Tablet Per Day

Application Methods: 

Method 1: Pinch one tablet on top of your dog or cats food. Do not stir. (This is the preferred method for cats.) 

Method 2: Pinch one tablet on top of your dog's tongue.

Method 3: Place one tablet between your dog's cheek and mouth. It will quickly dissolve. 

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5 Stars this works great


This product works great. In less than 2 weeks we saw a huge improvement on the teeth of our Corgi's and our Pointers. As an added benefit, their breath smells better too. Love this product, we will stay on it for sure.

No More Bad Breath!


Started using this a month ago and there is a noticeable difference in our dog's breath. We spoke to our vet and she confirmed that the ingredients are totally safe. So far we super happy with it. It's easy to feed and our pup didn't seem to even notice it was on her food. We've tried oregano in the water and other water-style additives that she absolutely noticed and refused to drink. We've not been back to the vet to see how the plaque/tarter is, but we are hopeful it'll have the same obvious benefit as it did on her breath.

Update After 6 Months!


Update!!! Before we started using Plaque Re-Lease our vet told us to prepare to have a cleaning in the next 3-6 months. Our dog was about to turn 5, but it still seemed a little early for a cleaning that would require sedation, plus it's pricey. The main reason we started using this product was in hopes it would cut down on the plaque and tartar. After 6 months of using this, we went back to our vet. Our vet was shocked! I'm pleased to report we've now been told no cleaning is necessary. WOW! No cleaning AT ALL! If you're on the fence, don't wait. This stuff actually works.

The results were shocking!


As a retired racer Bean didn’t have the best teeth and we tried everything under the sun to get them clean with no results. When we started using Ramard Plaque Release we were a little skeptical but after only a couple of weeks the results were shocking! Bean’s teeth were noticeably whiter, especially the back teeth which are hard to brush. Highly recommend this to anyone looking to brighten their pet’s smile!