RevitaVet Hock Saver Set

RevitaVet Therapy Systems
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The RevitaVet Hock Saver Set from RevitaVet Therapy Systems is a drug-free maintenance option offering the benefits of red light therapy for horses in competition or those combatting stiffness and sore hocks due to age, prior injury, or conformation. Used daily as a preventative measure, the Hock Saver Set can help increase energy at the cellular level, reducing inflammation, increasing oxygenation, and promoting healing in this important joint. The Hock Savers only come in a pair, labeled left and right, and should not be interchanged as light diodes are placed strategically against structures in the lateral and medial aspect of the hock, respectively, to target the six meridians (points in acupuncture) that are believed to run through the hock. Red light therapy is also believed to stimulate cell regeneration. Therefore, the Hock Savers are a great addition to any treatment plan for injury to the hock joint and surrounding area, as well as superficial wounds to the skin. Red light therapy complements other therapy modalities, including PEMF or stronger laser treatments used by your veterinarian.


  • Red light therapy for horses in competition or those combatting hock stiffness, soreness, or injury 
  • Can be used daily as a preventative measure or as part of a treatment program
  • Come in a pair with labeled left and right boots, designed to target specific areas of the inside and outside of the hock
  • Can reduce inflammation, increase oxygenation, stimulate cell regeneration 


Make sure to use these boots on the left and right hock as labeled, do not interchange. The design of the boot targets specific lateral (outside)  and medial (inside) aspects of the hock. 


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