An equine supplement used in the treatment of EPM symptoms in horses AND a possible EPM prevention product.

SarStart is an equine supplement used to treat EPM symptoms in horses as well as a possible EPM prevention product. SarStart is a liquid top dressing that contains saponins (from yucca schidigera extract) that have been shown to kill protozoa in the digestive tracts of animals.  


• Miracle-like results have been reported

• Stimulates energy

• Increases appetite

• Decreases irritability

• Creates shiny coat

• Creates a healthier and more relaxed horse


Size 1 gal

Treatment Level of Doasage: 3 oz daily for 40 days. One Gallon will treat for 42 days. Prevention Level dosage: 1-2 oz daily. One gallon will prevent for 60-120 days depending on the dosage. 128 oz per gallon.
Can SarStart help control EPM? "An interesting possibility is that yucca saponins may control the protozoa that cause the fatal disease Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM). Lending support to the saponin suppression of intestinal protozoa theory is that saponins have been investigated as potential antiprotozoal agents against human disease. Saponin-containing plant extracts have protective activity against the human disease leishmaniasis (McClure and Nolan, 1996), which is second in importance only to malaria among the protozoal diseases of humans."

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