Shedder Curry


The Shedder Curry made by Decker features a dual edge shedding blade on the end of an easy to grip vinyl handle. This shedder curry can easily be un-looped and used with both hands to cover large areas such as the belly and the rump. Currys like this are great for removing caked on mud as well as loose hair during shedding season. The curry can be flipped over and the smooth side can be used as a sweat scraper.

  • Dual edge shedding blade
  • Great for removing mud, dirt and loose hair
  • Can be flipped over and used as a sweat scraper
  • Sturdy vinyl handel
  • Can be un-looped to cover a larger surface area
  • Made in the USA
Be sure to periodically check grooming tools like this for chips or broken pieces. 

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