SilverSox - 10 Yard Barn Roll

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SilverSox provide the same benefits as the HorseSox, with the added bonus of EquiFit's Silver technology. Woven into the fabric of these socks, the ionic silver contains antimicrobial properties that fight bacterial and fungal infections. SilverSox socks are made of stretchable and breathable fabric, so they can be used while riding or during turnout. These socks help keep the legs clean and offer protection for horses prone to leg irritations such as scratches or boot rubs.


  • Silver technology
  • Unobtrusive protection to your horses legs
  • Stretchable and breathable fabric
  • Great for horses with sensitive skin and those prone to scratches
  • Compression to improve circulation
  • Cut to fit any length legs


Cut SilverSox to fit the length of your horse's legs. Pull over the hoof and up higher on the leg than you will want the socks to rest, then gently push down to the desired place, ensuring the hair is smooth underneath.

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4 reviews