ProSeries 3 in 1 Blanket

Sport Innovations


The ProSeries 3 in 1 Blanket from Sport Innovations is the only therapy option of its kind offering PEMF, massage, and heat therapy to reduce stiffness and inflammation in your horse. With a number of settings to choose from on the controller attached to your blanket, utilize these therapies as part of your warm-up OR cool-down routine, or for horses on layup and in rehabilitation. Strategically placed massage panels move the vibration up and down the body of your horse, never resting in one place for too long, creating a truly restorative session. Allow the gentle heat setting to speed up your warm-up routine, we highly suggest its use before your cold winter rides. Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy is a powerful countermeasure against stiffness and injury, increasing circulation so much so that the only time we don’t recommend its use is on acute injuries to avoid exacerbating swelling and edema. In between all of the licking and chewing they’ll be doing, your horse will be thanking you for adding this blanket to his care plan.

This blanket comes with a controller, rechargeable batteries, a battery charger, and a wall plug-in option for heat sessions. You’ll also get a Sport Innovations soft-shell carrying case with a shoulder strap, allowing you to take the blanket on the road and to events, and an instruction manual with suggested session settings for warm-up, cool-down, and therapy.


  • 3 Therapy types in 1 blanket; PEMF, massage, and heat
  • Rechargeable batteries and a carrying case make this blanket great
  • for travel and events
  • A built-in neckpiece ensures benefits reach your horse head to tail
  • Reduce inflammation and stiffness
  • Increase circulation 
  • Shorten recovery times in between strenuous activity


How to fit your Sport Innovations Blanket:
The Quarter Horse size blanket is the standard and most popular size, fitting an average size sport horse. 

We suggest Large Warmblood size for draft horses, draft-cross breeds, or warmbloods greater than 18HH. 

We suggest the Pony size blanket for large ponies, or very small sport horses such as Polo Ponies and Cutting Horses. 

If you need help selecting a size, please contact us by email or phone, and a therapy specialist will assist you;, 888-837-3626. 

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