Total GI Health Canine


Total GI Health is formulated to help dogs who suffer from loose stool, upset stomach, abdominal discomfort, and poor absorption. It supports the growth of “good bacteria”. 

  • This will help promote a healthy immune system and normal bowl motility. 
  • Reduces stomach upset by supporting normal Ph. 
  • Protects cells from free radicals. 
  • Protects bowel layers.Fast response time.


Nucleoforce, Glutamine, BioflavEx, Bromelian, Tumeric, Omega 3 Alpha Linoleic Acid, Vitamin C, Omega 6 Gamma Linoleic Acid, Omega 9 Oleic Acid, Zinc and Beta-Glucan

0-25 lbs: 1/2 tablet daily

26-50 lbs: 1 tablet daily

51-75 lbs: 1 1/2 tablet daily

+76lbs: 2 tablets daily

FarmVet Tip:

Total GI Health is a new comprehensive approach to canine gastrointestinal health.
For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and other animals. Store in a cool dry place. Close container after use. 

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