Total Respiratory & Endurance

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Total Respiratory & Endurance from Ramard helps alleviate your horse’s respiratory issues and combat irritants that cause problems such as stable cough and allergies. The proprietary ingredient Clairisol helps your horse breathe better by increasing oxygen intake and promoting the body’s ability to combat mucus build-up. This supplement is perfect for competition and race horses that have increased oxygen needs in order to perform at their best. Total Respiratory & Endurance starts working in as little as 1 hour, and lasts for 24 hours for around-the-clock support. 


  • Improves oxygen intake
  • Helps fight mucus and respiratory irritants
  • Alleviates symptoms of stable cough, seasonal allergies, and other respiratory conditions
  • Can improve performance by increasing oxygen utilization
  • May see results in as little as 1 hour
  • Lasts for 24 hours
  • Easy to administer paste


Administer 1 full syringe per 1,000 lbs of body weight per day as needed. Dosage may be increased to 1 syringe per 1,000 lbs every 12 hours as needed.


Consult a veterinarian before beginning treatment or increasing your horse’s dosage.


Active Ingredient is Ramard’s proprietary Clairisol

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2 reviews