Magnetik Front Stable Boot EVO

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The Magnetik Front Stable Boot EVO by Veredus uses magnetic therapy to help encourage healing and reduce swelling in your horse’s legs. These boots have 28 neodymium magnets to help increase blood flow and circulation while also stimulating Elastin and Collagen production, which are both necessary elements for tissue regeneration. Unlike the 4-Hour Stable Boots, these can be worn 24 hours per day and can be applied even when the horse’s legs are wet, making them perfect for use directly after work. Veredus recommends consulting with a veterinarian before beginning any kind of magnetic therapy.

Sold as a pair.



  • Neodymium magnets promote healing and help reduce leg swelling
  • Stimulate Elastin and Collagen production to aid in tissue regeneration
  • Can be worn 24 hours per day, with noticeable effects after 24-48 hours of use
  • Promote circulation and blood flow
  • Perfect for use after strenuous work and can be applied to wet legs
  • Breathable foam with Dry Fast Dry technology
  • Wide elastic straps provide security and stability
  • Made in Italy
  • Sold as a pair.


Size Guide:
Small: Boot Height 14", Cannon Circ. 6.5"-7.5", Fetlock Circ. 8"-9"
Medium: Boot Height 15", Cannon Circ. 7.5"-8.5", Fetlock Circ. 9"-10"
Large: Boot Height 16", Cannon Circ. 8.5"-9.5", Fetlock Circ. 10"-11"

How to fit your Veredus boots: 
For an accurate fit, measure the circumference of your horse's ankle using a soft measuring tape, as well as the height of the portion of the leg that would be protected by the boot. Veredus boots work best with a secure fit.


FarmVet Tip:
These boots are available for hind legs as well! Shop the Magnetik Hind Stable Boot EVO here!


Consult your veterinarian before beginning any kind of magnetic therapy. 

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