Vitafloor VME Advanced

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The Vitafloor VME Advanced offers the same superior upwards vibration technology for your horse as the Vitafloor VME, with the addition of a more advanced control box. Both VME models allow you to adjust the frequency of your vibration plate, but the advanced also offers a timer so you can set specific programs for your horse without having to keep track manually. In comparison to the previously offered VMC models, the VME now has a stronger motor. The Vitafloor VME units are still the most compact stand-alone vibration plates on the market, measuring 35" x 79".  The superior upwards vibration technology helps increase circulation, improve bone density, and support muscle development, especially on your horse's topline. Use before or after your exercise, or by itself as an addition to your training program or for horses on layup. Have a horse with hooves that are hard to keep? Watch as the advanced technology in the Vitafloor VME improves circulation in the hoof and helps encourage strong, healthy hoof growth. You'll be amazed by everything the Vitafloor VME Advanced has to offer. 



  • More advanced control box and program options than standard Vitafloor VME unit
  • New VME Model offers superior motor function to it's predecessor, the VMC
  • Superior upward vibration technology targets the whole horse
  • Compact, stand-alone unit measures 35" x 79"
  • Increases circulation, improves bone density, supports muscle development and healthy hoof growth
  • Use before or after exercise, or as part of a rehabilitation program 

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