XL Wave Wings

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The XL Wave Wings from MagnaWave is a 2-plug attachment to be used with any 2-plug attachment PEMF Machine from MagnaWave on your horse or other animals. This patented design ensures there is no hot spot in the signal, allowing a large area of the body to be addressed in your session. Measuring 24 inches in diameter, the XL Wave Wings are the perfect size for treating a horse's back or hind end, or for whole-body sessions on animals like pigs. They have a 12-foot lead, giving you lots of room to work. Never go without the tools you need; let the MagnaWave XL Wave Wings help improve the overall health of the animals you’re working with by incorporating them into your PEMF program.



  • 24-inch diameter
  • 12-foot lead
  • Patented design ensures consistent PEMF signal without hotspots
  • Address large areas
  • Perfect for full-body sessions on large pets and farm animals

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