Cavalor Bronchix Liquid


Bronchix Liquid contains natural plant and herb oils that help to alleviate any bronchial problems that your horse might have.

Cavalor Bronchix Liquid is a preparation to support respiration. Coughing due to irritation can have a variety of causes: inhaled dust, substances that provoke irritation of the respiratory system, a sudden change in weather conditions or hypersensitivity. 

Tickling cough is often of a temporary nature but still annoying and troublesome for the horse. Some irritations keep on returning. In all cases a specialist should be consulted in order to determine the cause and take appropriate measures. In the horse's natural habitat, herbs and plants play an important role in keeping the respiratory system in good condition. The juices and oils of fresh herbs and plants have a curative and regulating effect. To learn more about this product please click the following link: CAVALOR Bronchix Liquid


Size 1 Liter

Dosage per animal per day: Sprinkle 25 ml twice daily over the feed, or dissolve in the drinking water, for a minimum of 5 days. (Maximum dose: 100 ml per animal per day.)

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I have really liked Cavalor products in the past when I have used them. When my jumper had a cough it was suggested to me to try Bronchix. With my past knowledge of Cavalor, I was expecting to have a nice product, but the Bronchix blew me out of the water. It completely cleared up the cough and opened up the airways so my horse could breath normally again. Very quick response. Would highly suggest!