Calm and Cool Pellets


OralX Calm and Cool is a safe and tasty feed supplement designed to promote  calm demeanor and improved focus for your horse. Calm and Cool pellets will not cause any drowsiness. The daily supplement provides herbal extracts and vitamin B-1, perfect for helping calm your anxious horse during stressful situations.


Size 12 lb

Calm and Cool pellets are designed to help promote focus and a calm demeanor in your horse. 

Each dose contains 100mg of B1 vitamin
Non-drowsy formulation keeps your horse sharp
Easily administered to most horses
Comes as a three month supply for the average adult horse
Promotes composure in anxious horses
For horses greater than 800 lbs: Feed one full scoop in the morning and one full scoop in the evening.

For weanlings: Feed 1/2 scoop in the morning and 1/2 scoop in the evening.
FarmVet Tip:
Calm and Cool Pellets are palatable and easy to feed!
Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. For equine use only. 

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