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Perfect Prep Training Day is a palatable powdered daily horse calmer. It acts to stabilize the horse’s blood sugar and work on the nervous and circulatory systems to produce a less nervous, more manageable animal. Perfect Prep Training Day is safe for extended use and is a great option for stall bound horses or horses that just need a little extra calming! 


$48.99 to $214.99

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Safe to use at higher doses if needed. No prohibited substances! Effects wear off gradually. 
Active Ingredients: Magnesium, Taurine, Thiamine, Inositol, Vitamin "BeHave", Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin
Directions for use: Can be fed occasionally but the recommended use is the daily maintenance. 

For Occasional Use: 2 oz. feedings morning and evening day before performance, 2 oz. feeding morning of performance and an additional 2 oz feeding 3 hours prior to performance. 

For Daily Maintenance: First feeding 2 ounces, then ½ to 1 oz twice daily thereafter. Repeat as needed for desired results. Effects last up to 12 hours. (May be used with Perfect Prep EQ Training Day Booster, Perfect Prep EQ Gold or Perfect Prep EQ Extreme.)
FarmVet Tip: We all have at least one of the PerfectProducts in our tack trunks at all times! - FarmVet Rider Trisha

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Now focused and ready to work!


We have had tremendous success with Perfect Prep EQ Training Day on a really special horse. He used to be very difficult and unpredictable but has been on his best behavior since going on perfect products. Now he comes out of his stall focused and ready to work!

Works Great


Works really well. It took 6 weeks to really see a difference, but we did not do a big loading dose. The horse is obviously calmer and more focused.