Cavalor Calm

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Cavalor Calm is a horse calming supplement made with a special blend of herbs for a natural calming effect without causing any adverse side effects. 

Horses that perform well during training can lose their ability to concentrate due to new stressors. As a result, they respond less attentively and sometimes do unexpected things. Stress not only affects the horse's performance, but its condition too. Cavalor Calm is a dietary feed consisting of herbs and elements that counteract hypersensitivity and irritability. These feelings are replaced by a calming effect that does not interfere with the ability to concentrate or with motor function. Cavalor Calm has no secondary effects whatsoever: no residues and no adverse effects on the liver or kidneys. It contains no constituents that are prohibited in competitive sports. 

$59.99 to $288.99

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Cavalor is a top notch line. Horse calming supplements are always hit or miss but I had faith in Cavalor's product. As always, they did not disappoint. 

- FarmVet Rider Justin

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Without Cavalor Calm and Cavalor Sozen, I would be unable to get my horses soft and slow enough without exhausting their legs. Instead of having to "ride them down" they can concentrate on their job. I have tried all other calming products on the market and none of them show results like Cavalor Calm and Cavalor Sozen. "I have also used Cavalor Calm for rehab. I weaned my horse off the sedation and started feeding her Cavalor Calm. Sure enough, it kept her quiet and she healed just fine."

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Cavalor Calm worked wonders on a horse I was training to switch careers from the jumper ring to the hunters and equitation. I definitely noticed a difference in my quick and spooky gelding's ability to focus and his over all sense of ease once I started feeding him this product. Thank you Cavalor for offering a safe and effective product that was able to calm my horse without doping!



Doesn't work because I can't get my horse to eat this. It smells like really strong bad play dough. My truck smelled with nit in there. The horse in the barn that eats everything and anything wouldn't touch this stuff. I've tried several mashes, treats, etc. Not a good product if the horse won't go near it. I can't blame him.