Ice Clay

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Cavalor Ice Clay provides quick, soothing relief to stressed muscles and tendons. Just as an athlete would ice down after a game, Cavalor Ice Clay relieves swelling and soothe stressed tendons. Cavalor Ice Clay is particularly popular among Eventers as a post-cross country treatment.


  • Natural clay compact helps reduce swelling in your horse’s stressed legs
  • Particularly useful after strenuous exercise on hard ground, such as gallop sets or cross country runs
  • Enriched with natural products, essential oils, and minerals


FarmVet Tip: 
Don’t use Cavalor Ice Clay on deep wounds, but using it over surface cuts or minor abrasions is perfectly fine!


To cool quickly - apply product in a thick layer on the leg and let it dry completely. Cavalor Ice Clay can then be removed with a hard brush, then rinsed with cold water.
To cool slowly - apply product to the affected tendon, then wrap with wet paper, then bandages.

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Cavalor Ice Clay


I first used Ice Clay at WEF when a couple of European exhibitors recommended it. Since the poultice brand I use was out of stock , I tried it. It goes on legs easily, but the best thing was how easily it comes off. I did not have to do more than brush it off, which was great on old mornings. Although it is more expensive than other products, I will stick with it and highly suggest people try it.