Cheltenham Eggbutt Gag Bit

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The Cheltenham Eggbutt Gag Bit from Centaur is a stainless steel, cheltenham-style running gag with an eggbutt cheekpiece for horses who need help raising their headset. Gag cheekpieces are required for using this bit and must be purchased separately.

Reins are connected to the loop at the bottom of the gag cheekpiece (not included) which is run through the bit and connected to the bridle. Pulling on the reins lifts the bit in the horse's mouth, creating pressure on the lips and asking the horse to raise its head. If necessary, a second pair of reins can also be connected to the ring of the bit itself so that the gag action is only used when required. As with any professional-style bit, we recommend it's used under the guidance of an experienced trainer. 



•    Eggbutt Cheekpiece
•    Single-jointed Mouthpiece
•    Ideal for horses who's low headsets need some lifting or correction
•    Professional-Style Bit
•    Stainless Steel

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