DMG 3000


A highly concentrated form of DMG so you end up giving less, getting more, and saving money.

A stamina supplement that plays a crucial role in the respiratory cycle of the cell, transporting oxygen and serving as a methyl donor. A horse's energy comes from a complex chemical reaction called the TCA cycle, sometimes called the "powerhouse of the body." DMG is used to help transport the oxygen that breaks down fuel for the TCA cycle. 


Size 4 lb

DMG 3000 - An extra concentrated supplement of N,N-Dimethylglycine, a naturally occurring nutrient found in low levels in many foods. DMG is produced naturally within the cells of the body. Its functions as a methyl donor have been the subject of extensive nutritional research. DMG 3000 delivers a guaranteed minimum of 3,000 mg quality DMG per ounce, so you feed more DMG and less filler for better value. 
1 lb. - 32 days @ 1/2 oz/day4 lb. - 128 days @ 1/2 oz/day10 lb. - 320 days @ 1/2 oz/day

Feed one 1/4 ounce scoop twice daily for general supplementation. For performance, feed two to three scoops twice daily starting 2 to 3 days before and ending 2 days following event. Feed more for large breeds. Scoop included.

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