Diva Exklusiv Brush

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If you like to spoil your horse, then the Diva Exklusiv Brush by Haas is perfect for you! This brush, like all Haas brushes, is luxuriously soft and edged in horse hair to take off any fine dust. The interior of the brush is made of genuine lambskin. This is a great finishing brush for any horse, and especially for those horses that have extremely sensitive skin. The "Diva" is made in Germany with responsibly sourced materials. 


  • Extremely soft material
  • Comfortable leather handle
  • Great for sensitive horses
  • Leaves a shiny, polished-looking finish


Perfect for swiping away dust on the face, ears, and underbelly to leave behind a glossy finish. 


FarmVet Tip:
Use the Diva Exklusiv Brush on the most sensitive areas of your horse, like around the face and under the belly. 

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2 reviews