Hoof Pick

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The Haas Hoof Pick is designed to clean hooves of horses that work in all types of footing. The metal pick is shaped like a square to maneuver around the tough rocks and mud that tend to get embedded in the crevices of the hoof. For all other tricky materials, the synthetic bristles are useful to scratch out the smaller bits of debris. The contour grip handle helps you hold the pick comfortably while the shatter-proof handle ensures long term usage. 


  • Square-shaped metal pick
  • Dense and synthetic bristles
  • Contoured grip for improved hold
  • Shatter-proof handle made of strong plastic resin


Use the square-shaped pick to dig out the tougher materials in the hoof crevices. Afterwards, use the synthetic bristles to clean out any leftover dirt or mud. 


FarmVet Tip:
Twist the square-shaped pick in the deeper crevices of the hoof to break up the hardened materials that tend to get stuck.

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