Electro Groom

Electric Cleaner
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The Electro Groom is an easy-to-use animal vacuum. It is quiet, easy to move, and built to last. It helps to effectively remove dirt, dust, and debris from your animal's coat leaving it shiny and soft. 

The Electro Groom Vacuum is specially designed to be used on animals. The vacuum rolls easily on 8" wheels. It is useful for removing dirt, loose hair quickly and quietly. 
The Electro Groom features two twin turbine motor units that can be operated separately or together for maximum power. The large bushel capacity debris box has a removable filter bag to catch overflow dust and debris. Includes 10' crushproof hose, swivel end, aluminum serrated nozzle, brush, and blower tip. The hose can also be attached to the exhaust port to blow away dust and debris. 


  • Powerful suction helps to remove dust and dirt from your animals coat
  • Vacuum rolls on 2" x 8" wheels
  • Two twin turbine motors that can operate together or independently for sensitive areas
  • Hose can be attached to exhaust and be used as a blower
  • Large capacity debris box
  • 10' crushproof hose
  • Aluminum serrated nozzle, brush and blower tip incuded
  • Unit is 28" high


FarmVet Tip:
Give your horse a good curry prior to using the Electro Groom to bring stubborn dirt to the surface. 

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20 reviews