Pack-N-Stick Hoof Tape

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Packing your horse's feet has never been easier with EquiFit Pack-N-Stick Hoof Tape. Put away the duct tape, because this product is a new essential for every barn. This anatomically shaped, pre-cut tape sticks to the sole and wall of your horse's foot, providing a perfect fit and secure grip even overnight. One size fits all.


  • Heavy duty adhesive
  • Pre-cut and anatomically shaped
  • Not intended for turnout
  • Designed for single-use
  • One size fits all


1. Clean and dry the hoof
2. Apply desired hoof packing or poultice product as directed
3. Cover packing with a piece of practical cotton
4. Peel backing from straight edge of Hoof Tape
5. Stick straight edge of Hoof Tape to heel of shoe or hoof
6. Grasp the peeled backing and pull backing completely off until shoe or hoof is covered
7. Press edges to the wall of the hoof

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No more Duct tape!!


Packing feet has never been easier! Saying goodby to duct tape forever now that this has come out. Seriously easy to use and actually makes me want to pack feet.

A true cost effective time saver!


I was given a pair of EquiFit Hoof Tape sheets by FarmVet to use on my horse's hoof at congress this past October. The tenderness produced by concrete walking during the show always needs to be addressed. This usually was done the "old school" way of paper,packing and duct tape resulting in some stall rest to keep the pack on. To my surprise, the strength and durability of Equifit Hoof Tape allowed me to minimize the down time and actually work the horse while wearing the tape. A true cost effective time saver!

Easy to use! A must have!


I won’t go to a horse show with out them in my trunk ever again! They have become a staple for me. Saves so much time and they are so easy to use. I also had a horse that had to have half his foot removed and had to be wrapped for a year. I was so thankful that I had found these before that adventure. They were a life savor!



Makes packing feet at horse shoes SO easy!! Back, Peel, and relax!



These are a must if you own horses! The ease of use is amazing. It is in every trunk, horse trailer and the barn. I buy the big pack so they are always on hand.

Packing Feet Saver


Makes packing feet 10000 times easier

a life saver


The best thing since sliced bread. Hoof packing made easy.

Hoof Packing Must Have


I used to always use duck tape and vet wrap but since i have discovered this its a game changer and takes about half the time!

Great Product


This product has made hoof packing so much easier and faster! No more duct tape getting stuck to itself just one easy to apply piece of hoof tape. This is an essential in my tack trunk!



A must for packing feet! We always pack feet at shows, and this makes it so much easier and faster! It stayed great in front feet with shoes, a little issue with staying on overnight on hind without shoes, but still love and can’t wait to show again to try again.