Equine Mega Gain

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Special Note: O3 Animal Health alerted us to a misprint on their current labeling that showed an incorrect expiration date of 2/22. This product is not expired. We will correct the date as soon as the manufacturer sends updated labels.

Equine Mega Gain from O3 Animal Health is a specifically formulated version of Equine Omega Complete that is geared towards providing your horse with good fats and calm calories that will not make your horse hot. The balance between Omega 3's, 6's, and 9's is ideal for your horse's diet! 
Equine Mega Gain contains no processed fats and contains mechanically expelled, non-GMO soybean oil. 

These calm calories may also help to support athletic performance, reproductive health, moody heat cycles, milk production and body and coat condition. 

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Picky eater? While 99.9% of horses LOVE the taste, but for those that don't, we have a quick and easy fix. Crush up 10 peppermints and add to your gallon of product. Shake, Shake, Shake, and serve! 


Feed a loading dose of 4 Pumps/Oz twice daily (2 to 4 weeks). Once optimum weight is achieved, utilized regular Equine Omega Complete for maintenance. 


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Premium Expeller Pressed Non-GMO Soy Oil. 

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