Original Joint Powder

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Equithrive Original Joint Powder supports your horse’s joint health, whether they are actively competing or retired and experiencing aging pains. Equithrive’s proprietary ingredient Resverasyn promotes healthy inflammatory responses in the joint, which may to protect from damage and helps keep joints strong. Added Hyaluronic Acid is a crucial ingredient for building joint tissue and lubricating joint spaces. This supplement is FEI and USEF compliant, and now comes in a more palatable pellet form than the original Equithrive joint products. 


  • Supports joint health in performance and aging horses
  • Promotes healthy inflammatory responses
  • Proprietary Resverasyn may protect joints from damage
  • Hyaluronic Acid aids in building joint tissues and lubricating joint spaces
  • Safe for daily use without harsh gastrointestinal side effects
  • FEI and USEF compliant


Loading dose: 2 scoops AM & 2 scoops PM

Maintenance dose: 1 scoop AM & 1 scoop PM


Manufacturer Equithrive states on its website that Original Joint Pellets are FEI and USEF compliant, as well as safe for use in all racing jurisdictions. However, we still recommending checking your respective governing body's rules and regulations if planning on using this product during competition.


Reservatrol, hyaluronic acid, brewer's grains, grape seed, nutritional yeast, diatomaceous earth, vegetable oil. 

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