Equiwinner Patches (Box Of 10)

Signal Health


Signal Health's Equiwinner Patches are a patented electrolyte patch to improve your horse's health by promoting proper electrolyte activity and hydration.  The non-transdermal patches can help improve multiple conditions including non-sweaters (anhydrosis), tying up (equine rhabdomyolysis), bleeders (EIPH), and head-shaking. A single ten-day treatment can have months or even a year's effect on horses who struggle with these conditions due to electrolyte imbalances. Equiwinner patches come in a box of 10. 


  • Box of 10 patches, for a 10 day treatment
  • Patented, non-transdermal, electrolyte patches
  • Can improve multiple conditions including non-sweaters, tying up, bleeders, and head-shaking
  • A single 10-day treatment can improve symptoms for months or up to a year

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