Hoof Oil

Farrier's Fix
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Developed to help prevent and deal with common hoof issues such as quarter cracks, thrush, white line disease, and feet that are too soft or too hard. Made of all natural ingredients with no petroleum products or fillers, this product works very well under pads and great for those horses with bare feet. Farriers Fix will draw out soreness and toughen the hoof. Since it remains liquid there is no need to heat Venice Turpentine or add DMSO. 


For those who are currently using iodine which is becoming scarce, Farriers Fix is a good substitute. It maintains a healthy hoof by balancing the moisture content. Farriers Fix lets the hoof breathe, unlike some hoof-care products which are petroleum or lacquer based and seal in moisture. It is ideal for horses racing, jumping, or working on adverse surfaces.

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