Hoof Aid Special

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Cavalor Hoof Aid Special is designed for horses with poor quality hooves that need extra help getting back to their ideal state. Hoof cracks and degeneration are detrimental to your horse’s health and soundness, so improving the health of your horse’s feet is an essential task. In addition to high levels of biotin, Hoof Aid Special contains keratin, MSM, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to stimulate hoof growth and help improve hoof quality. 

*Note: Cavalor has recently redesigned some of their product packaging. At this time we have both new and old packaging in stock. Please be advised that we will be sending old packaging out until that inventory is cleared.


  • Palatable pelleted formula
  • Helps combat brittle or torn hooves, separated walls, and stagnant hoof growth
  • MSM helps improve hoof wall strength and quality
  • Vitamin C and chelated copper are key components in collagen formation, a substance found in the hoof capsule
  • Yeast cultures help digestion and nutrient absorption


Mix in with daily grain feedings for 3-6 months, with results being most noticeable at 6-8 weeks. Feeding recommendations range from 30 grams per day for ponies to 150 grams per day for senior horses, with a maximum dosage of 400 grams per day. See “Notes” tab for Cavalor's Ration Calculator to determine the right amount for your particular horse.


FarmVet Tip:
Cavalor has a handy ration calculator on their site that will give you precise dosing for their product based on your horse’s weight! 
View the Calculator Here!


Includes, but is not limited to: Biotin, Methionine, Lysine, Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, and B12, Vitamin C, Copper, Zinc, Calcium

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