Horseshoer's Secret

$51.95 to $89.95

Horseshoer's Secret from Farnam is the perfect supplement to improve and strengthen your horse's hooves. This formula prevents cracks from forming in the hooves and helps to strengthen the hoof walls. The ingredients work against weak and brittle hooves and encourage healthy hoof growth. This feeding supplement is nutritional for not only your horse's hooves, but also the skin and coat.

$51.95 to $89.95

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  • Prevents cracking and brittle hooves
  • Encourages hoof growth
  • Added nutrition for skin and coat
Includes, but is not limited to: Biotin, Complete Protein, Calcium, Patented Mineral-Amino Acid Complexes, Key Amino Acids, Yeast Culture and Omega-3 Fatty acids
Feed 6 oz. per day for 6-8 months. After 6-8 months, feed 3 oz. per day for maintenance. 

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