Ice Horse Emergency Wrap

MacKinnon, LLC


The Ice Horse Emergency Wrap from MacKinnon, LLC provides compression and full coverage can be used on your horse's neck, upper leg, shoulders or fetlocks to reduce inflammation.

The unique anti-migration fabric provides a compressed fit while also being a light breathable material. The velcro closures also help ensure a tight fit and create ma easy-to-remove process.


  • First+Ice packs mold to the horse for maximum coverage and maximum stay cold power
  • First+Ice inserts are reusable... just pop them in the freezer when done
  • Made with anti-migration fabric that is breathable and delivers uniform compression
  • Specially placed Velcro closures allow for a secure fit every time
  • Removal is easy, no yanking or jerking is necessary
  • Proudly made in the USA


Do not leave horse unattended while using any Ice Horse Products. It is strongly recommended that your horse be securely tied.

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