Jolly Ball

Horsemen's Pride
$7.99 to $18.99

The Jolly Ball from Horsemen’s Pride is a great way to keep your horse entertained, either in a stall or turned out in the field. Since the Jolly Ball doesn’t need air to inflate, it will hold up to punctures and bites. This toy is made in the USA and comes in two sizes, 10” or 4.5”, so it’s perfect for horses or dogs to play with!

$7.99 to $18.99

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  • Safe for horses and dogs to play with
  • Sturdy handle provides great grip
  • Lightweight and bouncy
  • Puncture and bite safe - doesn’t need air to inflate so it can’t pop!
Tying the jolly ball from the ceiling or stall wall where your horse can't get his legs tangled in the rope may be safer than leaving it on the ground.

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