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Micro-Phase from Kentucky Performance Products is a great supplement for horses who need extra nutrition on top of their regular concentrated meal, like lactating mares, seniors and hard-working performance horses. By providing vitamins and trace minerals Micro-Phase supports good health in a tasty, low-calorie pellet. It's also a safe level of protein, plus natural vitamins and chelated minerals that are easily digested.



  • Formulated for easy keepers
  • Formulated for horses who need extra nutrition on top of their regular concentrated meal
  • Low in calories, high in nutrients
  • Provides trace minerals and vitamins to support good health


Store Micro-Phase in a cool, dry place and keep lid tightly closed between uses. Shelf life is 24 months from date of manufacture when stored under suitable condition.


1 scoop = 4oz

Feed 1/2 scoop per day (2oz) to:

  • Horses at maintenance, barren mares, ponies, miniature horses
  • Metabolic horses consuming high-quality grass hay
  • Horses in light training

Feed 3/4 scoop per day (3oz) to:

  • Yearlings, pregnant or lactating mares, stallions
  • Metabolic horses consuming good quality grass hay.
  • Horses in moderate training

Fed 1 scoop per day (4oz) to:

  • Foals, weanlings, lactating mares (first 3 months), pregnant mares (last trimester)
  • Metabolic horses consuming a mature, low-quality grass hay.
  • Horses in intense training

Micro-Phase should always be fed along with an adequate amount of forage. Micro-Phase can be used to fill in the nutritional gaps when less than the recommended amount of a fortified concentrate is fed.


Crude Protein (min.) 15g, Calcium (min.) 3g, Phosphorus (min.) 1.5g, Copper (min.) 136mg, Selenium (min.) 1.8mg, Zinc (min.) 400mg, Vitamin A (min.) 40,000 IU, Vitamin D (min.) 4,000 IU, Vitamin E (min.) 720 IU, Thiamine (min.) 24mg, Choline (min.) 650mg, Folic Acid (min.) 12mg, Niacin (min.) 120mg, Pantothenic Acid (min.) 50mg, Riboflavin (min.) 40mg, Vitamin B12 (min.) 120mcg

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