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Kelcie's PickBrush is a unique take on the traditional hoof pick. Use the PickBrush to clean out the bottom of your horse’s feet. ridding of dirt, rocks, and more. The stainless steel pick allows you to pull the packed debris out of crevices such as the frog, while the brush helps you clean away the dirt from the hoof walls. The design of the PickBrush makes it easy to use without needing to adjust your grip or fiddle with it in your hand. The built-in hook allows for easy storage hanging on the wall or your grooming cart.


  • Hoof pick and brush tool in one
  • Stainless steel pick for removing packed or hard debris in hoof
  • Stiff bristles for brushing away loose or small debris from hoof walls
  • Built-in hanging hook for easy storage
  • Easy-to-grip handle

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2 reviews