Lambskin Hind Boots


Lambskin Hind Boots from Waldhausen provide comfort and shock absorption for your horse’s legs. Lined with soft, natural lambskin, these boots are gentle against your horse’s skin while also promoting air circulation and ventilation. Lambskin also helps disperse pressure and absorb shock, adding extra layers of protection while jumping. These boots also feature a durable, anatomically-molded outer shell for strike protection and stability. Velcro closures make it fast and easy to apply and remove these boots. 


Size Horse

Attribute black

  • Ankle boot design protects the fetlock while jumping or schooling
  • Natural lambskin helps prevent rubs, promote air circulation, and increase ventilation
  • Anatomically-molded outer shell provides strike protection
  • Durable Velcro closures for added security

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