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Supplies needed amino acids which are essential in the production of proteins needed for growth, development, & the maintenance of tissues. 

Pure Lysine contains only pure l-lysine HCl, the stable form of the essential amino acid most often deficient in the diets of horses. Pure Lysine is so concentrated; just a few grams each day can dramatically improve the availability of the rest of the protein in the diet. For only pennies a day, Pure Lysine increases protein value without overloading the horse with excessive crude protein. Especially good for diets low in alfalfa and soy.  


4 lb.- 448 days @ 1 scoop/day. Each scoop supplies 3 grams of pure lysine. For foals and weanlings up to one year, feed 2 scoops (6 grams l-lysine) per day. Feed mature horses, 1 to 3 scoops daily, depending upon activity. Broodmares, breeding stallions, horses in heavy training or competition: 2 to 3 scoops daily. 4 gm scoop enclosed.

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