Magic Sheen

$12.99 to $32.99


Cut down on grooming time and leave your horse's coat with a healthy shine with Shapley's Magic Sheen. Magic Sheen is a specially formulated hair polish that repels dirt and stains, loosens tangles, and helps prevent hair loss. This spray gives your horse a healthy looking coat, mane and tail for both the show ring and everyday use. Unlike other silicone-based products, Magic Sheen will not over-dry hair. 


  • One application can repel for up to a week 
  • Detangles and shines 
  • Helps prevent hair loss 
  • Reduces grooming time 
  • Can be applied to wet or dry coat


Apply to your horse's coat at least once a week. Spray on mane and tail numerous times a week. Avoid spraying the saddle area or mane and tails that need to be braided as it will make these areas slick.

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