Magnesium 5000

Med Vet
$35.95 to $128.00

Magnesium 5000 is an oral supplement for horses that support healthy muscle function and nervous system function, as well as helping your horse metabolize glucose. 
These easy to give pellets ensure that your horse has enough magnesium in its system to perform these vital functions consistently. 

$35.95 to $128.00

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  • Tasty pellets make giving the supplement easy
  • Supports muscle health
  • Supports nervous system function
  • Supports glucose metabolization - healthy blood sugar levels
  • Healthier blood sugar levels can reduce agitation and stress
Give two ounces daily for an average sized (900-1100lb) adult horse
FarmVet Tip:
You can increase the dosage to four ounces daily if your horse is going to be under a heavy workload.

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