Mud fever, commonly referred to as scratches, can be a tricky problem to get rid of, especially during the winter months when horses are often subjected to wet weather. Cavalor MudDoc helps combat the microorganisms responsible for this skin infection with a blend of essential oils and naturally anti-bacterial/anti-fungal nutrients. MudDoc keeps the skin on your horse’s pasterns moisturized and elastic, helping to prevent future infection as well.


  • Essential oils soothe the skin and inhibit bacterial and fungal growth
  • Moisturizes the skin for elasticity that prevents skin cracks
  • Promotes blood circulation for faster healing
  • Inhibits scar tissue formation and promotes hair regrowth


FarmVet Tip:
When treating cases of mud fever (scratches), it’s important to keep the legs as dry as possible. Thoroughly towel-drying the legs after bathing is a good way to assist healing and prevent infection from coming back!


For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.


Includes, but is not limited to: lavender, aloe vera, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils


Shave the hair around the affected area if needed, waiting a day to apply product in order to avoid hypersensitivity on freshly-clipped skin. Clean and remove dirt from the area, then apply MudDoc at least 1 time per day for 10 days. If needed, continue applying 1 time every 2 days until the skin is healed.

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