Shapley's Easy Out - 32 oz.


Shapley's Easy-Out No Rinse Shampoo removes tough stains and odors effortlessly, without picking up a water hose. Designed to lift dirt to the surface, Easy-Out is a no rinse shampoo and spot cleaner with odor control agents and optical brighteners. It is specifically formulated to remove stains caused by mud, grass, manure, urine and sweat, while eliminating odors and enhancing the natural colors of the coat, mane and tail. Easy-Out is the perfect solution for winter bathing and spot cleaning the morning of the big show.


• Easily removes stains and eliminates odors 

• Optical brighteners enhances natural color 

• Requires no rinsing and leaves no residue 

• Perfect for spot cleaning 

• Great for cold weather cleaning


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