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The SleekEZ is a unique tool to remove hair, dirt, and dander from your horses, dogs, and cats. Available in small, medium, and large to suit your pet’s size and needs, this grooming tool is lined with small metal teeth to gently remove shedding hair without tugging or pulling. Hair falls to the grounds instead of getting stuck in the shedder’s teeth, making clean up easy. 

The SleekEZ can also be used to clean furniture, saddle pads, car seats, carpeting, and other surfaces where your furry friend tends to leave hair behind.


  • Shedding tool with small metal teeth
  • Sturdy wooden handle
  • Gently removes hair, dirt, and dander without tugging or pulling
  • Suitable for horses, livestock, dogs, and cats
  • Can be used to remove hair from fabric and carpeted surfaces
  • Available in small (2.5”), medium (5”), and large (10”)

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